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Paras Khadka

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Paras Khadka      

Full name Paras Khadka
Born Oct 24, 1987,  Nepal
Current age 25 years
Major teams Nepal, Nepal U19s, Nepal APF
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Right-arm medium fast

Recent matches
Bat & BowlTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
1/19, 44Nepalv MalaysiaTU Ground23-25 Apr 2004International Cup
0/2Nepalv BhutanKelab Aman12 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
1/21, 19Nepalv QuatarBayuemas Oval19 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
15*Nepalv BhutanBayuemas Oval20 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
2/8, 34Nepalv AfghanistanKelab Aman21 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
50Nepalv PNGKelab Aman21 Feb 2005WCQS Div 2
1/21, 9Nepalv KuwaitSelangor22 Feb 2005WCQS Div 2
1/25, 0Nepalv ItalySelangor24 Feb 2005WCQS Div 2
0/11, 0Nepalv FijiBayumas Oval25 Feb 2005WCQS Div 2
0/2, 28Nepalv Hong KongTU Ground30 Apr-2 May
International Cup
1/34Nepalv PCAMultan C.S7 Aug 2006Nep in Pak
1/41, 7*Nepalv PCAMultan C.S.9 Aug 2006Nep in Pak
1/61, 16Nepalv PCAMultan C.S.10 Aug 2006Nep in Pak
8*Nepalv KuwaitKelab Aman14 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
87Nepalv BhutanSelangor16 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
3/16, 8Nepalv Hong KongKilat Club19 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
2/30, 0Nepalv BahrainBayuemas Oval22 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
0/12, 23Nepalv UAEKinrara Oval24 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
3/36, 33Nepalv AfghanistanSelangor25 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
0/10, 0Nepalv MalaysiaAhmad C. Ground27 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
0/32, 4Nepalv QuatarKEC Ground28 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
0/5, 4Nepalv AfghanistanKOC Ground30 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
3/6, 16Nepalv OmanKOC Ground31 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
0/11Nepalv GermanyLes Quennevias23 May 2008WCLD 5
44Nepalv MozambiqueGrainville25 May 2008WCLD 5
2/14, 23Nepalv NorwayFarmer C.G.26 May 2008WCLD 5
3/26, 11Nepalv VanuatuVictoria C.G.27 May 2008WCLD 5
0/19, 1Nepalv AfghanistanSt Saviour30 May 2008WCLD 5
1/18, 48Nepalv USAFarmer C.G.31 May 2008WCLD 5
1/26, 81Nepalv Hong KongSelangor25 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
0/14, 3Nepalv QatarMilitary C.G.26 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
1/20, 71*Nepalv SingaporeKinrara Oval28 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
1/18, 26*Nepalv KuwaitSelangor30 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
1/17, 6Nepalv UAESelangor1 Aug 2008ACC Trophy Elite
3/34, 22Nepalv AfghanistanBayuemas Oval2 Aug 2008ACC Trophy Elite
1/20, 10Nepalv MalaysiaSharjah22 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
0/28, 14Nepalv KuwaitSheikh Zayed23 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
0/9, 0Nepalv OmanSharjah24 Nov 200ACC T20 Cup
0/13, 9Nepalv QatarSharjah26 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
1/14, 47*Nepalv BahrainAl Dahid28 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
0/3Nepalv SingaporeSharjah29 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
0/16, 69Nepalv JerseyBirendra Sainik20 Feb 2010WCLD 5
1/5, 18Nepalv SingaporeEngineering21 Feb 2010WCLD 5
0/9, 71*Nepalv BahrainBirendra Sainik23 Feb 2010WCLD 5
0/0, 75Nepalv FijiTU Ground24 Feb 2010WCLD 5
0/23, 12Nepalv USATU Ground26 Feb 2010WCLD 5
0/19, 5Nepalv USATU Ground27 Feb 2010WCLD 5
1/12, 1Nepalv Hong KongKOC Ground31 Mar 2010ACC Trophy Elite
0/8, 29Nepalv OmanKOC Ground2 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
0/26, 8Nepalv SingaporeDoha City3 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
1/9Nepalv KuwaitKOC Ground6 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
2/42, 2Nepalv MalaysiaKOC Ground7 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
2/35, 11Nepalv AfghanistanKOC Ground9 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
2/16, 9Nepalv ItalyOvale Di15 Aug 2010WCLD 4
1/12, 24Nepalv TanzaniaCentro Sportivo17 Aug 2010WCLD 4
1/48, 53*Nepalv ArgentinaCentro Sportivo18 Aug 2010WCLD 4
0/28, 44Nepalv USAOvale Di19 Aug 2010WCLD 4
13Nepalv Cayman IslandCentro Sportivo20 Aug 2010WCLD 4
0/18, 13Nepalv Hong KongGuanggong21 Nov 2010Asian Games
0/4, 25Nepalv MaldivesGuanggong22 Nov 2010Asian Games
2/7, 18Nepalv Sri LankaGuanggong24 Nov 2010Asian Games
2/26, 44Nepalv Hong KongTU Ground3 Dec 2011ACC T20 Cup
0/12, 2Nepalv UAETU Ground4 Dec 2011ACC T20 Cup
2/23, 0Nepalv KuwaitTU Ground6 Dec 2011ACC T20 Cup
3/5, 19Nepalv Saudi ArabiaTU Ground7 Dec 2011ACC T20 Cup
0/4, 30Nepalv AfghanistanTU Ground9 Dec 2011ACC T20 Cup
0/16, 6Nepalv OmanTU Ground10 Dec 2011ACC T20 Cup
0/18, 68Nepalv Hong KongGlobal C.A13 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
0/13Nepalv DenmarkGlobal C.A14 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
1/12, 6Nepalv PNGSharjah15 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
2/21, 24Nepalv AfghanistanSharjah16 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
1/31, 65*Nepalv BermudaSheikh Zayed18 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
0/5, 1Nepalv NederlandsGlobal C.A19 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
2/15, 2Nepalv CanadaSharjah20 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
0/18, 26*Nepalv KenyaGlobal C.A22 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
1/29, 62*Nepalv PNGGlobal C.A23 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
0/12, 5Nepalv SingaporeSelangor3 Sep 2012WCLD 4
4/24, 15*Nepalv TanzaniaBayuemas Oval4 Sep 2012WCLD 4
0/49, 41Nepalv USAKinrara Oval7 Sep 2012WCLD 4
4/34, 3Nepalv DenmarkKinrara Oval9 Sep 2012WCLD 4
1/21, 25*Nepalv USAKinrara Oval10 Sep 2012WCLD 4
1/24, 4Nepalv UAESharjah3 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
2/64, 106*Nepalv KuwwaitAl Dahid6 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
3/35Nepalv Saudi ArabiaSheikh Zayed7 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
2/8, 61Nepalv Hong KongGlobal C.A9 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
1/45, 89Nepalv MalaysiaSheikh Zayed10 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
0/46, 31Nepalv UAESharjah12 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
2/7, 10Nepalv MaldivesTU Ground26 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
0/14, 4Nepalv Hong KongTU Ground27 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
0/3, 87Nepalv MalaysiaTU Ground30 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
1/13, 44Nepalv SingaporeTU Ground31 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
0/14, 12*Nepalv UAETU Ground2 Apr 2013ACC T20 Cup
1/13, 50Nepalv AfghanistanTU Ground3 Apr 2013ACC T20 Cup
0/70, 73Nepalv USASomerset C.C28 Apr 2013WCLD 3
0/12, 6Nepalv UgandaSomerset C.C29 Apr 2013WCLD 3
4/31, 46*Nepalv BermudaSt. David's CC1 May 2013WCLD 3
1/28, 28Nepalv OmanNational Stadium2 May 2013WCLD 3
0/24, 22Nepalv ItalySt. David's CC4 May 2013WCLD 3
1/15, 1Nepalv UgandaNational Stadium5 May 2013WCLD 3
60, 0/9Nepalv AfghanistanThe Pedang17 Aug 2013ACC Emerging TC
12, 0/15Nepalv India U23The Pedang20 Aug 2013ACC Emerging TC
1Nepalv Pakistan U23The Pedang21 Aug 2013ACC Emerging TC
48, 1/16Nepalv DenmarkICC Academy215 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
54*, 1/25Nepalv KenyaICC Academy216 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
27, 1/23Nepalv ScotlandICC Academy218 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
26*, 3/22Nepalv PNGSharjah19 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
5, 1/23Nepalv NetherlandsSharjah20 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
4, 1/9Nepalv AfghanistanSharjah22 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
7, 2/23Nepalv BermudaICC Academy23 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
46, 1/16Nepalv Hong KongSheikh Zayed27 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
13, 0/17Nepalv AfghanistanSheikh Zayed29 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
2, 0/26Nepalv UAESheikh Zayed30 Nov 2013ICC T20WCQ
0/45, 12Nepalv UAEMainpower Oval13 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
29Nepalv Hong KongMainpower Oval19 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
17Nepalv CanadaHagley Oval21 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
29Nepalv NetherlandsBay Oval26 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
30Nepalv UgandaBay Oval 228 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----

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