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Shakti Gauchan

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Shakti Gauchan      

Full name Shakti Prasad Gauchanl
Born April 22, 1984,Rupandeshi, Nepal
Current age 29 years
Major teams Nepal, Nepal U-17s, Nepal U-19s
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Legbreak

Recent matches
Bat & BowlTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
3/10, 37Nepalv OmanThe Padang12 Jul 2002ACC Trophy 2002
1/1, 53Nepalv QuatarIndian Ass. Ground15 Jul 2002ACC Trophy 2002
o/12, 6Nepalv UAEThe Padang16 Jul 2002ACC Trophy 2002
2/44, 38Nepalv KuwaitThe Padang17 Jul 2002ACC Trophy 2002
67Nepalv MalaysiaIndian Ass. Ground19 Jul 2002ACC Trophy 2002
0/32, 47Nepalv UAECallang Ground21 Jul 2002ACC Trophy 2002
2/24, 7Nepalv MaldivesTU Ground26 Sep 2003ACC E.N. Cup 2003
2/4, 12Nepalv MaldivesTU Ground28 Sep 2003ACC E.N. Cup 2003
0/34, 4,
0/30, 3
Nepalv UAESharjah25-27 Mar 2004International Cup
0/12, 69*,
Nepalv MalaysiaTU Ground23-25 Apr 2004International Cup
0/8Nepalv BhutanKelab Aman12 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
5/1Nepalv IranKelab Aman14 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
0/28, 9Nepalv QuatarBayuemas Oval19 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
0/3, 3Nepalv BhutanBayuemas Oval20 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
2/10, 3Nepalv AfghanistanKelab Aman21 Jun 2004ACC Trophy 2004
3/20, 6Nepalv PNGKelab Aman21 Feb 005WCQS Div 2
0/12, 27*Nepalv KuwaitSelangor22 Feb 2005WCQS Div 2
4/29, 106*Nepalv ItalySelangor24 Feb 2005WCQS Div 2
4/46, 9Nepalv FijiBayumas Oval25 Feb 2005WCQS Div 2
0/2, 1Nepalv Hong KongTU Ground30 Apr-2 May
International Cup
1/18, 68,
2/19, 26
Nepalv UAETU Ground7-9 May 2005International Cup
0/20, 11,
1/34, 9*
Nepalv NamibiaWanderers23-26 mar 2005International Cup
1/22, 3*Nepalv PCAMultan C.S.7 Aug 2006Nep in Pak
0/33, 18Nepalv PCAMultan C.S9 Aug 2006Nep in Pak
0/73, 0Nepalv PCAMultan C.S.10 Aug 2006Nep in Pak
1/19, 14*Nepalv KuwaitKelab Aman14 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
2/1, 0Nepalv BhutanSelangor16 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
0/16, 35Nepalv Hong KongKilat Club19 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
0/13, 49Nepalv BahrainBayuemas Oval22 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
1/23, 14Nepalv UAEKinrara Oval24 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
1/33, 42Nepalv AfghanistanSelangor25 Aug 2006ACC Trophy 2006
0/10, 4Nepalv MalaysiaAhmad C. Ground27 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
1/21Nepalv QuatarKEC Ground28 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
1/15, 2*Nepalv AfghanistanKOC Ground30 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
0/33, 17*Nepalv OmanKOC Ground31 Oct 2007ACC T20 Cup
3/4, 11Nepalv GermanyLes Quenneias23 May 2008WCLD 5
0/2, 34Nepalv MozambiqueGrainville25 May 2008WCLD 5
15Nepalv NorwayFarmer C.G.26 May 2008WCLD 5
0/16, 5Nepalv VanatuVictoria C.G.27 May 2008WCLD 5
3/12, 9Nepalv AfghanistanSt Saviour30 May 2008WCLD 5
2/11, 23Nepalv USAFarmers C.G.31 May 2008WCLD 5
0/26, 12*Nepalv Hong KongSelangor25 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
3/25Nepalv QatarMilitary C.G.26 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
2/17, 30*Nepalv SingaporeKinrara Oval28 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
3/5Nepalv KuwaitSelangor30 Jul 2008ACC Trophy Elite
0/16, 37Nepalv UAESelangor1 Aug 2008ACC Trophy Elite
1/26, 1Nepalv AfghanistanBayuemas Oval2 Aug 2008ACC Trophy Elite
1/15Nepalv MalaysiaSharjah22 Nov 2009AC T20 Cup
0/14Nepalv KuwaitSheikh Zayed23 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
2/22, 2Nepalv OmanSharjah24 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
3/19Nepalv QatarSharjah26 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
0/26Nepalv BahrainAl Dahid28 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
1/16Nepalv SingaporeSharjah29 Nov 2009ACC T20 Cup
2/12, 32Nepalv JerseyBirendra Sainik20 Feb 2010WCLD 5
1/29, 24Nepalv SingaporeEngineering 21 Feb 2010WCLD 5
0/4, 27*Nepalv BahrainBirendra Sainik23 Feb 2010WCLD 5
2/7, 0Nepalv FijiTU Ground24 Feb 2010WCLD 5
1/18, 0Nepalv USATU Ground26 Feb 2010WCLD 5
0/31, 23Nepalv USATU Ground27 Feb 2010WCLD 5
1/13, 65Nepalv Hong KongKOC Ground31 Mar 2010ACC Trophy Elite
2/23Nepalv OmanKOC Ground2 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
2/26Nepalv SingaporeKuwait City3 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
0/11, 13*Nepalv KuwaitKOC Ground6 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
1/44, 52Nepalv MalaysiaKOC Ground7 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
0//44, 6Nepalv AfghanistanKOC Ground9 Apr 2010ACC Trophy Elite
2/7, 12Nepalv ItalyOvale Di15 Aug 2010WCLD 4
0/9, 2Nepalv TanzaniaCentro Sportivo17 Aug 2010WCLD 4
2/23Nepalv ArgentinaCentro Sportivo18 Aug 2010WCLD 4
0/16, 1Nepalv USAOvale Di19 Aug 2010WCLD 4
0/9, 13*Nepalv Cayman IslandCentro Sportivo20 Aug 2010WCLD 4
3/10Nepalv TanzaniaCentro Sportivo21 Aug 2010WCLD 4
2/11Nepalv Hong KongGlobal C.A13 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
4/20Nepalv DenmarkGlobal C.A14 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
2/22, 2*Nepalv PNGSharjah15 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
1/30Nepalv AfghanistanSharjah16 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
3/17Nepalv BermudaSheikh Zayed18 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
1/23, 2*Nepalv NetherlandsGlobal C.A19 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
1/17, 10Nepalv CanadaSharjah20 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
0/19Nepalv KenyaGlobal C.A22 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
2/20Nepalv PNGGlobal C.A23 Mar 2012T20 WCQ
1/18, 18Nepalv SingaporeSelangor3 Sep 2012WCLD 4
1/8Nepalv TanzaniaBayuemas Oval4 Sep 2012WCLD 4
3/2Nepalv MalaysiaSelangor6 Sep 2012WCLD 4
2/45, 1*Nepalv USAKinrara Oval7 Sep 2012WCLD 4
1/11, 5*Nepalv DenmarkKinrara Oval9 Sep 2012WCLD 4
2/23Nepalv USAKinrara Oval10 Sep 2012WCLD 4
5/32, 8*Nepalv UAESharjah3 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
2/40Nepalv KuwaitAl Dahid6 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
2/14Nepalv Saudi ArabiaSheikh Zayed7 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
1/13, 5*Nepalv Hong KongGlobal C.A9 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
2/30, 5Nepalv MalaysiaSheikh Zyaed10 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
3/36, 14Nepalv UAESharjah12 Oct 2012ACC Trophy Elite
1/10Nepalv MaldivesTU Ground26 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
1/17, 11Nepalv Hong KongTU Ground27 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
1/24, 6*Nepalv MalaysiaTU Ground30 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
2/13Nepalv SingaporeTU Ground31 Mar 2013ACC T20 Cup
2/21Nepalv UAETU Ground2 Apr 2013ACC T20 Cup
1/28Nepalv AfghanistanTU Ground3 Apr 2013ACC T20 Cup
1/81, 39Nepalv USASomerset CC28 Apr 2013WCLD 3
0/26, 21Nepalv UgandaSomerset CC29 Apr 2013WCLD 3
1/5Nepalv BermudaSt. David's CC1 May 2013WCLD 3
1/25, 1Nepalv OmanNational Stadium2 May 2013WCLD 3
2/15Nepalv ItalySt. David's CC4 May 2013WCLD 3
1/22Nepalv UgandaNational Stadium5 May 2013WCLD 3
1, 0/18Nepalv AfghanistanTh Pedang17 Aug 2013ACC Emerging TC
24*, 1/42Nepalv India U23The Pedang20 Aug 2013ACC Emerging TC
2, 0/31Nepalv Pakistan U23The Pedang21 Aug 2013ACC Emerging TC
1/13Nepalv DenmarkICC Academy 215 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
0/24Nepalv KenyaICC Academy 216 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
1*, 0/21Nepalv ScotlandICC Academy 218 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
0/24Nepalv PNGSharjah19 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
1/29Nepalv NetherlandsSharjah20 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
1*, 0/18Nepalv BermudaICC Academy23 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
0/28Nepalv Hong KongSheikh Zayed27 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
2, 0/20Nepalv AfghanistanSheikh Zayed29 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
1/32Nepalv UAESheikh Zayed30 Nov 2013ICC T20 WCQ
1/42, 37*Nepalv UAEMainpower Oval13 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
1/41, 0Nepalv ScotlandQueenstown16 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
0/23, 8Nepalv Hong KongMainpower Oval19 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
1/27, 15Nepalv CanadaHagley Oval21 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
0/28, 26Nepalv NetherlandsBay Oval26 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
2/16, 5Nepalv UgandaBay Oval 228 Jan 2014ICC WCQ
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----
-Nepalv ----

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